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Front-end Developer (Angular) at Valispace

Lisbon · Full Time

Valispace aims at changing the way engineering of complex hardware products is done around the world. We are building github for hardware.

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Job Description

At Valispace we are developing a software where teams of engineers can do calculations and analysis in the browser when building rockets, airplanes, satellites, cars and other hardware. You will join our international team that is currently migrating our system to Angular. With an open-minded environment, we value teamwork, provide flexibility and we are looking forward to hear your ideas and opinions.

You are the perfect match, because you:
- Want to provide the best experience for the user to achieve their goals, by understanding their needs and interactions with our platform, validating designs with A/B testing and other similar methods.
- Have a keen eye for design and details.
- Have experience in Angular or another front-end framework.
- Have a strong foundation in HTML5, SCSS/LASS.
- Have a good understanding of flex layout and material design.

You’re good at: Angular or another front-end framework.
Extra points: REST, Django, Python.

At Valispace you will:
- Work in a dynamic startup environment.
- Take responsibility from day one.
- Be a fundamental part of an amazing team.
- Have room to create and innovate.
- Have flexible working hours.
- Work in our office in central Lisbon.


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What We're Building

At Valispace, we want to transform the collaborative engineering of complex hardware, such as satellites, power plants or autonomous vehicles. Managing this growing complexity with Excel spreadsheets and emails has reached its limit and it's showing, for example, in cost and schedule overruns.

Valispace overcomes this by harnessing the power of web technologies: We are building a browser-based data storage and collaboration software and API. Our ambition is to become the GitHub of hardware engineering: allowing engineers and designers worldwide to work together in a streamlined way, much as git has enabled efficient collaboration on software.

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Marco Witzmann
co-founder and CEO at Valispace: a software that enables engineers to collaboratively design better satellites, rockets and other complex hardware products.
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What is your office environment like?
Just opening up a new office. So this might be up to you to shape together with us!
Marco Witzmann
co-founder and CEO at Valispace
What are some of the toughest engineering problems Valispace is facing now?
Ensuring that hundreds of thousands of connected engineering parameters are calculated correctly within a short amount of time. Also we try to burden ourselves with all the complexity instead of the users, so that for them it "just works".
Marco Witzmann
co-founder and CEO at Valispace
What makes Valispace a unique place to work at?
Seeing that your code actually enables teams around the world to build rockets, satellites, etc. You've completed a new feature today? Tomorrow engineers will build better products because of you.
Marco Witzmann
co-founder and CEO at Valispace