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Brett Jackson
Seed Fund
Co-founder and Managing Director, @v1-vc
Bart Lorang
Entrepeneur, Tech Nerd; CEO and Co-Founder of @fullcontact. Managing Director @v1-vc Passionate about helping entrepreneurs.
Benny Joseph
Partner at Founder at @goodapril Product Manager at @zecco Lead Eng. at @waterfall-3 Engineer at @etrade MBA, Chicago Booth CS, University of Michigan
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Great guy, really knows his stuff.
Leith Stevens
Founder of a company Bart Lorang invested in
Bart is one of the smartest and down-to-earth founders out there. Highly recommended!
Alex Kremer
Founder of a company Bart Lorang invested in
Bart is wicked-smart. He lives and breathes business and can make connections to the right people and the right ideas appear at the snap of his fingers. He is generous with his time and gracious in demeanor. When we talk to Bart, we have his full attention.
Tim Nott
Founder of a company Bart Lorang advised
Bart is a serial entrepreneur who has helped mentor us through Techstars and beyond. He has deep insight into our B2B industry and understands how QuotaDeck can make a massive impact. He brings outside experience & intuition that is helping us as we move forward and to the next level.
Benny is great at both big-picture business and product strategy, as well as in-the-weeds, detailed execution. He is able to stay relentlessly focused on what really matters - for instance, insisting on and engineering for application performance and speed-of-action within Zecco Mobile, which I...more
Mitchell Fox
Co-worker at a company Benny Joseph worked for
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