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In 1982, Blade Runner showed 2019 Los Angeles. The movie missed on all of the tech: no internet, no smartphones, no renewable energy. Polaroid and Atari are just shadows today. But 30 years ago, they predicted today's grand urban challenges: climate, urbanization, traffic, housing, inequality, security. Now, cities contribute 70% of emissions and urban populations will double by 2050. Some of today's most valuable companies are already working to solve these problems from Uber and Wework to Palantir and SolarCity.

We created a new approach to find, fund and de-risk early stage startups that make city life better. We work with the Urban.Us Network of more than 900 people who have specific investment interest and expertise in the areas in which we invest. They don’t just help us find opportunities but also help the founders to solve challenges ranging from marketing consumer hardware to selling to local government.

Our mission and focus provide us with an opportunity to invest in great startups alongside larger, more established funds. Our portfolio companies lead the way in areas ranging from law enforcement and local government efficiency to residential water savings and drone-assisted construction. These investments are not just opportunities for competitive financial return, but also offer the opportunity for dramatic public benefits.

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Each opportunity will go through the same diligence and approval process as our fund investments. This includes our startup candidate introduction to the Urban.Us Network In fact, we view this syndicate as an additional step in our seed stage investment process.

However, only some of our deals will be syndicated for two reasons: (1) we need to make sure the teams are interested in the potential benefits of syndicates; (2) we need to have a sufficiently large allocations to bring deals to this syndicate.

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Kevin Ding
Venture Capital
Managing Director @DHVC (Danhua Capital) (DHVC) Investor: @Optimizely @Cohesity @Flexport @Survios Barefoot, AutoX, Branch, @Wish Prior: Sequoia, Accel
Can help with
“I am a Managing Director at Danhua Capital, with 550M under management. I work shoulder to shoulder and help the founders I work with to succeed massively....more
Sundeep Ahuja
25 Syndicates incl @Mosaic @Change.org; CoFounder @Richrelevance; helped launch @Kiva; Investor @Goodreads @Counsyl; Advisor @Indiegogo; BS CS Stanford
Ramez Naam
Co-Chair Energy & Environment at @SingularityU. Cleantech Investor. Energy & Innovation Wonk. Science-fiction author (Nexus series). Ex-Microsoft.
Jason Calacanis
Investor in 150 startups, including Uber.com & Thumbtack (first rounds). www.jasonssyndicate.com www.calacanis.com www.launch.co www.launchangelsummit.com
Graham Hill
Tech and sustainability investor, founder of Treehugger.com (sold to Discovery)
Jon Hallett
Vishal Sankhla
Chief Technology Officer
Co-Founder @Viralheat (acquired by @Cision) • Studied at @University of Southern California
Can help with
“Being a Founder, CTO myself I can bring in a lot of experience on the table and help out in areas like technology, fund raising, partnerships, hiring among...more
Shaun Abrahamson
From Cape Town. Fund startups that help cities @Urban.Us. Edu @MIT. Built @GovWorks @Starmedia @MediaSentry. Investor @Zocdoc @Refinery29 @Skycatch.
Stonly Baptiste
helping startups solve challenges at the intersection of climate change and urbanization via @Urban.Us. Teaching Entrepreneurship at UofC Booth School.
Shaun was the first mentor I had when I first got into startups. He's been invaluable over the years and has helped me grow as an entrepreneur. I'm glad to have had him as an advisor and highly recommend him to anyone.
Shaun has mapped the complex, geographically fragmented and rapidly evolving technology landscape of smart cities in a very rapid and agile fashion, giving him a unique vantage point to identify rapid growth opportunities for his startup portfolio. He is building a network of like-minded folks...more
Shaun has been a fantastic investor from the beginning. He met us when the company had just launched and has remained involved as we've grown, gotten larger and as the model has evolved. He is helpful and engaged, but never overbearing. Whether you need introductions, someone to talk product...more
Shaun is an incredible advisor, investor, and person. He provides guidance when and where needed - whether we were focusing on product, fundraising or partnerships - he was there to offer his insightful perspective and make key introductions. Any entrepreneur would be lucky to work with him.

He's a natural leader with the drive to succeed, and will stop at nothing. Insightful, compassionate, and on top of his game.
Shaun is the rarest of individuals. Great analytical chops, fantastic investment experience and an incredible tolerance and patience to see big ideas reach their potential. His Crowd and Collaborative credentials are unrivaled. If you're lucky enough to get his support cherish it.
I´m knowing Shaun since severeal years. We work together in the board of jovoto.com and I very much appreciate Shauns deep knowledge and experience in managing and helping start-ups in different phases
Shaun is the best kind of advisor: he guides based on experience. He empathizes with the entrepreneur. Provides tough love and serves as an incredibly high-yield sounding board. Doesn't hurt that he's puts cash on the table! Indebted to him for my education as a young CEO.
Shaun was one of our earliest supporters and investors - though I look to him as more of wise uncle. He is full of experience, wisdom, and connections - and is generous with them all. He has an incredible pulse on the global trends; and despite all that he juggles, he always finds time to...more
Shaun is a thoughtful, experienced investor whose creativity and analytical rigor makes him the ideal combination of entrepreneur + advisor. Forward-thinking and product-driven, his insights are invaluable to any portfolio company.
Shaun has one of the brightest minds in the business and a great sense of where the market is going long before others see the opportunities.
Shaun & Stonly have put together a world class groups of startups, investors and advisor at UrbanUs in record time. They've done an amazing job putting together a very collaborative environment and truly putting their finger on the pulse of smart cities topic.
He's an amazingly thoughtful and intelligent person. One of my most valued advisors.
Marshall Cox
For Shaun Abrahamson's work with Radiator Labs
Stonly mentored me throughout the first six months of forming my startup. He was by far the most helpful, caring, insightful and motivating mentor I've ever worked with.

He worked side by side with me to help me put together and plan all the core products I needed - from my business...more
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