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Towards a water sustainable world

At Uravu, we are on a mission to imagine new ways to make human life sustainable and our communities responsive and resilient. We believe that 'water' is an industry which is ripe for innovation and needs breakthrough technologies to create a sustainable and better future for everyone. As a first step, we have developed a patent pending and award-winning 'aquapanel' technology which is totally off-grid and sources drinking water from thin air! Come join us if you want to help us put together a new chapter in the water and cleantech domain.

What We're Building

We are building an off-grid water sourcing infrastructure for communities. This system can generate high-quality drinking water from the air around us. S.W.A.G is an 'aquapanel' which harvests water from the air just by utilizing the power of the Sun. Its based on our patent-pending solar adsorption reactor technology. Modular and scalable, it works efficiently even in dry and arid areas. We are on a quest to completely rethink how we experience water.

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Jobs at Uravu Labs

Uravu Labs Team

Swapnil Shrivastav
Architect/ Design Scientist. I believe in thinking big and dreaming bigger. I love dealing with challenges, especially social problems. Sustainability at heart!
Amit Dharmapal Ate
Learn Imagine and Do It for Knowledge.