Jobs at Upswing

Improving Student Retention in Colleges

Upswing is a fast-growing product for higher education. We provide schools online academic support technology to fight attrition, which is a huge problem for colleges. On average, 45% of students drop out before their second year. That amounts to millions of dollars in lost revenue. We tackle the problem through a student success platform and deep, actionable analytics.

What We're Building

Forget what you know about online student support. Upswing is on a mission to end attrition.

Upswing is redefining what it means to support student success. We partner with colleges to provide early intervention software that is easy for administrators to use. From AI-based text messaging software, to online collaboration tools, and advanced data analytics, Upswing aims to support every aspect of student success and retention.

Each day, over 700,000 students have 24/7 access to live tutoring, advising, and communications via Upswing, and this is just the beginning of the impact that we're planning to make. Interested in making a difference in tomorrow's students? Join us.

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Jobs at Upswing

Upswing Team

Melvin Hines
CEO & Co-Founder of @Upswing • Studied at @Duke University Law School (2009) and @Fuqua School of Business (2011). • Aiming to kick attrition's butt.
Alex Pritchett
COO & Co-Founder of @Upswing. Passionate about bridging the gap between education and technology.
Chris Webb
CTO and Co-Founder @Upswing. Studied at Vanderbilt University from 03-07. Working in IT for over 15 years for various companies from fortune 500 to mom and pop.
Christina Monachino
School psychology Ph.D. student at UF. Mental Health Counseling MS. Well-versed in teaching, research and project management. Enjoy coffee & cats.
Naomi Fernando
Community Manager at Upswing
Christopher Cacciatore
NSF Fellow, Stanford visiting researcher, M.S. Climatology , Climate modeling/data analysis, PostgreSQL, Python (pandas), Bayesian stats, UNIX and Git
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Upswing Investors

Lee W. McNutt
Co-Founder Silicon Valley Growth Syndicate: 83 investments • Reagan White House Staff • Presidential Transition Team • Bush Adm • Led 53 U.S. Trade Missions.
Will Bunker
Founding partner GrowthX VC fund. Founded largest dating site of 90's (now Helped found/fund CriticalWatch enterprise security software.
crom carmichael
Founder TrackPoint Systems, @TrackPoint Systems • Worked at @Discovery Sound Technologies • Studied at @Vanderbilt University
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