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Self-sovereign identity platform built using Ethereum. Your passport to Web 3.0.

uPort's mission is to allow the world to identify itself. We're developing the tools that redefine how people interact with their digital identity. Come change the world with us.

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What We're Building

uPort is a self-sovereign digital identity system for decentralized applications, networks, and societies - built on the Ethereum blockchain. We aim to give users control over their identity, data, and more.

uPort feels like using the future... this is how identity, and the internet, should work!
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Jobs at uPort

  • Design Jobs
    Product Design Lead
    New York City, Brooklyn, San Francisco · Full Time · $85K – $125K ยท 0.1% – 0.5%

uPort Team

Pelle Braendgaard
Worked with crypto currencies since the late 90s and web apps since 1994
Michael Sena
Senior Product Manager @uPort
Alex Edelstein
Senior full-stack marketer focused on launching early stage brands, with B2C and B2B experience including CPG, IoT, Blockchain, and Digital Media.
Greg Bugyis
Worked @Obama for America. Purdue CS.
Christian Lundkvist
Mathematician, quant analyst, blockchain engineer, cryptocurrency enthusiast.
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uPort Investors

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