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Crowdfunding for companies improving lives and the planet

We're a small team building technology to launch products addressing today's biggest problems including climate change, global poverty, illiteracy and more. We believe entrepreneurs with the potential to have a profound impact in the world should have the opportunity to bring their ideas to life. Join us on a transformative journey and do the best work of your career, here.

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What We're Building

UpEffect is a crowdfunding platform for companies dedicated to improving lives and the planet. We've launched products such as solar cookstoves, ethical fashion brands, clean drinking water systems, and eco-friendly bags. To date, our platform has a 100% success rate at securing funding for our campaigns, raising over £100,000 to launch products across ten countries. We offer our campaigns hands-on support to ensure that our social good companies are optimised for success.

We believe that entrepreneurs with the potential to have a profound impact on the world should have the opportunity to turn ideas into real ventures. The planet’s future may be shaped by these products that may not otherwise be brought to market. Through vetting of campaigns and offering incubator-like support, UpEffect harnesses the power of crowdfunding by providing entrepreneurs with dedicated advising and the expertise needed to effectively launch a business.

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UpEffect Team

Sheeza Shah
Founder & CEO @UpEffect • MSc Comp Sci graduate • @University of Nottingham alumni
Annie Brown
Communications & Marketing Director

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