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To be extremely successful at just about anything - especially entrepreneurship - you have to pursue opportunities that most people initially disagree with. But we humans are wired to seek approval, to want to be popular. And that is precisely why so few of us are successful entrepreneurs. To build a massively successful business - you have to be comfortable with being unpopular. You have to go where no one else goes, to make decisions that some people don't like, and to push forward with conviction even when there's no one to cheer you on.

Unpopular Ventures is dedicated to the entrepreneurs who are proud to be unpopular. We love opportunities that are off the beaten path, particularly when they are led by outstanding teams who have discovered something surprising. Our favorite companies are the ones with ideas that seem easy to dismiss, and yet there is a hidden, under-served group of customers who absolutely love them.

We have invested >$8 M across 27 companies since we started in early 2019. We are proud to be investors in:

  • Airlift (daily transportation in Pakistan)
  • Almanac ("GitHub for non-engineers")
  • Belvo (Open Banking API Platform in LatAm)
  • Billpocket (mobile payments in LatAm)
  • Blissway (the future of highway traffic management)
  • CurlMix (hair products for women with curly hair)
  • Curtsy (buy and sell clothes from your phone)
  • Fatherly (the leading digital lifestyle brand for today's Dads)
  • Gallant Pet (stem cells for pets)
  • Glidian (healthcare tech, simplifying prior authorizations)
  • Interviewing.io (interviewing platform for SW engineers)
  • Jumpcut (school for digital small business entrepreneurship)
  • Kiwibot (urban delivery robots)
  • Kyte (push button, rental car is delivered to your door)
  • Oxtale (cook authentic ethnic food at home)
  • Picap (motorcycle ride hail in LatAm)
  • Rinse (the first national clothing care brand)
  • Sniffspot (rent out your back yard as a private dog park)
  • The Juggernaut (media company focused on global South Asians)
  • Thryve (personalized microbiome health)
  • VanGo ("Uber for kids")
  • Yassir (ride hail in North Africa)
  • 4Degrees (professional networks 2.0)



Will syndicate deals when I am able to.

Peter Livingston
VC at Unpopular Ventures
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Ed Roman
Managing Director, Hack VC. Entrepreneur, developer, angel. Built several startups with strong exits. I pay-it-forward by helping as much as possible.
Brendan Wallace
Co-founder/Managing Partner, Fifth Wall. Co-Founder/CEO, Identified (sold to Workday) Co-Founder, Cabify $29 million invested on AngelList, 28 syndicates.
Zach Coelius
First $1B exit with an AngelList Syndicate when GM bought Cruise Automation. Former founder and CEO of Triggit.
David Goldberg
General Partner at @corigin-ventures . Founder @freshneck. Past lives in law and finance.
Deepak Kamra
Partner at Canaan
Jared Fliesler
Chief Operating Officer
COO @scribd. Formerly GP @matrix-partners , VP Custom Acq + Biz Ops @square , Director of Product @google via acquisition of @slide (where I wore many hats)
Brad Flora
Visiting Partner at Y Combinator. Ex-Business at @brave. Ex-Founder, @PerfectAudience. @y-combinator S11.
Sundeep Ahuja
I've led 90+ Syndicates incl @mosaic @good-eggs @sandboxvr @starcity @notable-labs @livelyhsa; 3x Founder; Author; BS CS Stanford.
Peter has been an indispensable resource to interviewing.io as a company and to me personally as a founder. This list probably doesn't capture everything he's done, but he has:

- Provided a steady stream of high-quality fundraising intros
- Helped me refine my pitch... we operate in a...more
Decided to work with Peter because I'd heard great things from another entrepreneur I know well from college. I didn't regret it. He was the most conscientious investor that I've worked with. Goes deep. Makes sure he understands. Great writer. And, most importantly, raised a bunch of...more
Peter has been an awesome investor to work with. He led an angel syndicate in our latest round and was highly effective, diligent and the closing went super smooth. He also gave me invaluable feedback on our business and connected me to helpful people in his network.
Peter has been a thoughtful, clear-minded co-investor in the syndicate we led together. His attention to detail and emphasis on being transparent, forthright and responsive towards the founders made me want to raise my own game. I hope to work on more investments with him in the future.
Peter has been a terrific investor. As a past entrepreneur himself, he knows and understands the challenges of being a founder and is focused on providing the highest-impact help and value. He has a strong network, is super smart and insightful, and has been a pleasure to work with. Any...more
Peter has been a fantastic investor in my company. He was the first investor to believe in the company and has been supportive since his investment. He provided useful advice at key decision points. Peter strikes the right balance of being available and hands on when we need him, without being...more
Peter was an early investor in Aptible. He is incredibly founder-friendly: easy to work with and makes decisions quickly. Peter has also been astonishingly helpful, with both introductions to his network and advice. I highly recommend him as an angel investor!
Peter is an astute investor, who saw potential in us early. In my experience working with him, he has added substantial value beyond the money - including high impact introductions and advice. He made an investment decision quickly (a rarity among angel investors), and has been a pleasure to work...more
I am blown away by Peter's level of commitment, insight and resourcefulness. He brings more value to the table than most, and his help isn't just spot-on, it's thoughtfully delivered, too. I'm truly grateful to have him as an investor.
Peter and I know each other from attending the Stanford Graduate School of Business together. From the time spent in class together and our discussions about entrepreneurship I had the pleasure to learn about Peter's passion for understanding and supporting the early stages of ventures. His...more
Super sharp, decisive, and hands-on. Peter was one of our earliest investors, and took a big risk investing in our fledgling startup. Since then, he has continuously made relevant introductions, provided feedback, and contributed his knowledge and experience from building his own business to help...more
Not only is Peter a great guy, he is also easy to work with, makes (good) decision quickly (including investing in my company) and is very active and helpful in relevant ways. Highly recommend him as a colleague, investor and/or advisor. 
Peter has been an ideal angel investor every step of the way. He was able to make his decision to invest quickly-- asking only the important questions and without wasting our time or his. Throughout the course of the company he has provided relevant insights and offered to make several helpful...more
I did not know Peter before doing our AL round for home61.com and he was one of the best surprise from this raise. He reached out offered to help from the beginning and has been a tremendous added value to the company and myself. He has helped us with many introductions to VCs and even introduced...more
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