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Senior Software Engineer at Unite Us

New York City · Full Time
Unite Us is an outcome-focused technology company that builds coordinated care networks connecting health and social service providers together. The company helps systems and communities efficiently deliver care and services by inter-connecting providers around every patient, seamlessly integrating the social determinants of health into patient care. Providers across the continuum can make external referrals and track every patient’s total health journey while reporting on all tangible outcomes across a full range of services in a centralized, cohesive, and collaborative ecosystem. This social infrastructure helps communities move beyond fragmented legacy resource directories and transform their ability to measure impact, improve health and track outcomes at scale. Read More
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Job Description

Unite US is looking for a JavaScript/Rails Developer to work with our entire team to push our product line forward. We want a passionate person with OO programming skills and experience with large-scale products who is excited about building a standard in new media.

You are a jack of many trades that might be as comfortable at a Linux command line as you are in the Chrome console, vim, or your favorite IDE, know when to optimize (and when not to), and enjoy working in to create scalable and maintainable product lines. You've developed a few projects on your own, but you're ready to jump into a funded start-up and create something useable, but also beautiful.

Experience in:
HTML5, JavaScript, React (or another JS framework), CSS3, JSON, jQuery, Ruby, Rails, git, Neo4j, MongoDB, Postgres (or other relational databases), AJAX, REST

Bonus for:
AWS, Hadoop, 'big data', Golang, node.js, distributed systems, memcached, iOS, Android, mobile, UI/UX expertise, automated build scripting, devOps, “an eye” for UI/UX, integrations

Our Offer:
Join a highly professional and entrepreneurial environment.
Contribute to the early development of a fast growing startup.
Benefit from motivated and talented colleagues.
Responsibility from day one.
Opportunity to add your own valuable input and bring in your own ideas.
Health insurance, plus dental and vision.
Competitive compensation, including equity participation.

Skills & Requirements

- Build systems that are simple and scale.
- Deeply versed in modern web technologies.
- Command of modern programming language, Ruby preferred.
- Love of clean and maintainable CSS, HTML and JavaScript.
- Love of automated testing.
- Comfortable working in a Unix environment.
- Open, communicative and like working in small teams.
- Fluent in speaking and writing English.
- Passion for high quality.

- Experience with designing applications for the cloud, extra points for Amazon Web Services (AWS).
- Experience in writing comprehensive unit, functional and acceptance tests using automated testing frameworks.
- Experience with data mining and building analytics and/or CRM platforms.
- Active contributor to open source software.
- Experience building RESTful APIs.

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What We're Building

Unite Us' patient-centered software connects healthcare and social service providers together. We enable providers in communities around the country to work together seamlessly in accountable networks of care, tracking patients and enabling real-time communication across agencies, and reporting on outcomes across the community in one cohesive ecosystem.

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