Augmented Reality Prototyping Engineer at Ubiquity6

San Francisco · Full Time

Ubiquity6 is working on some of the hardest challenges in computer vision and augmented reality to bring the Internet into the physical world. Ubiquity6 was founded in 2017 by alums of Stanford, Metamind, Facebook, Tesla and Twitter, and is backed by First Round Capital, Gradient Ventures (Google), A&E Networks and Kleiner Perkins.

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Job Description

Ubiquity6 is building infrastructure for shared, ubiquitous AR using computer vision. We believe that giving everyday smartphones the ability to semantically understand depth, geometry and scenes can unlock valuable new ways for humans to interact with each other and the physical world around us.

We are a team of engineers and designers from Metamind, Facebook, Tesla, Twitter and Stanford, and are backed by Google, Kleiner Perkins and First Round Capital, as well as a group of industry leaders including Richard Socher, Bing Gordon and John Doerr.

The Role

- Drive the prototyping and development of augmented reality experiences in Three.JS . Strong focus on UX.
- Iterate on interaction scenarios through the development of rapid prototypes
- Work within a small agile team to deliver high-quality Augmented and Mixed Reality content for iOS and Android
- Comfortable with using multiple technologies (custom or off-shelf) to develop solutions ( Three.js required, Unity optional, After Effects, Blender, etc)
- Collaborate with storytellers, designers, artists, engineers to deliver high-quality Mixed Reality experiences

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What We're Building

We use computer vision to enable massively multiplayer, persistent AR experiences on top of the physical world.

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Michael Abbott
Apple Former General Partner at KPCB VP Engineering @Twitter SVP Palm (webOS) MS - Azure Founder - Composite Software, Think Passenger
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