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One Click Wireless Presentations. No Cables, Just Present.

Ubiq is helping organizations eliminate all the cables (HDMI/VGA) in their meeting rooms. The goal is simple - Allowing anyone to walk into a meeting room and start a cable-free presentation in under 1 second. We're backed by leading Silicon Valley investors and are growing fast.

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What We're Building

Ubiq is revolutionizing the way meetings are done in enterprise. We are helping organizations move from outdated meeting room technology that hasn't changed in 20 years to a modern wireless solution. Ubiq stands out by focusing on simplicity and ease of use, for both IT and the end user.

Our vision is to bring together all communication in the meeting into a simple, easy to use platform.

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Jobs at Ubiq

Ubiq Team

Shane Creighton-Young
Current: Student at Waterloo Past: Intern at LinkedIn, Google, RelateIQ (acq Salesforce), Relay (acq Kik). Organizer Hack the North.

Ubiq Investors

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