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UBI Global is a pioneer in performance assessment of university business incubators and conducts the largest global benchmark of business incubators where programs from 70 countries participate. The benchmark has become the global standard to learn about the top performing business incubators and has been covered by BBC, Chicago Tribune, Financial Times, Le Figaro, Der Standart, France 3, Entrepreneru.org and Irish Times among others. Read More
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Award Ceremony in Toronto, Canada in 2015 for the Top University Business Incubators and Accelerators in North America
On stage with Swedish Moderate Party (M) Leader Anna Kingberg-Bata at UBI Global Event in 2013
"We help business incubators become more efficient and competitive!"
The UBI Global Mission - To help business incubators and accelerators..
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Jobs at UBI Global

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Ali Amin
Connecting Corporations with the Global Business Incubation Ecosystem | CEO at UBI Global
Telma Lampreia
Current projects: Governmental Innovation Agencies, Country Ambassador Program, Events

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What makes UBI Global a unique place to work at?
UBI Global is a global impact place. You’ll get in contact with some of the international brightest people you’ve ever met, creating data-driven things, with a huge amount of responsibility.
Ali Amin
CEO at UBI Global since 2013
How many people are you hiring in the next year?
We will hire 5-8 people. Many of them students and interns with language skills and a desire to connect with the global incubation ecosystem
Ali Amin
CEO at UBI Global since 2013