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We're looking for really nimble, quick, startup-style Android Engineers who want their product used by millions of people daily around the world.

We're a start-up culture, with small teams (5-10 people) working on distinct projects. You'll join one of these teams, owning the design & launch of new features & businesses.

To be clear, we aren’t just developing an app; we are building an Android solution from the ground up. You will have the opportunity to own new features from day one, work on brand new Android functionality thanks to strategic partnerships, contribute to the design process, and build an Android experience that is second to none.
Are you up for the challenge?

* Experience developing, releasing, and maintaining native Java Applications (point us to your apps on Google Play).
* Deep understanding of the Android SDK.
* Crazy stories about supporting multiple Android devices
* You also need experience collaborating on software projects. Cowboy coding is fun, but you have to prove that you can work efficiently as part of a team.

* Insightful opinions about developing for mobile
* A github account with some cool projects in it
* Scary amazing debugging skills
* Experience developing location aware mobile applications
* Experience developing testing suites for mobile applications
* Experience with web technologies (JavaScript, CSS, HTML5)

Finally, we're a very startup culture. We're working to change the world, and big equity upside is important to us. If it's also important to you, drop me a line.

Tom Fallows

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What We're Building

Uber is what you want, when you want it.

Whether it’s a ride across town or a delivery to your door, we give you the best choice at the touch of a button. We power a marketplace that offers people new ways to earn on their own terms. And we strengthen cities by energizing local economies, making streets safer, and promoting a more connected, less congested environment.

Driven by our vision and craftsmanship, Uber technology moves the physical world toward the smarter cities of the future. Cities where transportation is more reliable than running water. Everywhere. For everyone. Where people have the flexibility and opportunity to do more of what matters to them.

Uber. In every language, it means your destination in life, on demand.

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