Sr Software Engineer- Core Distributed Systems at Uber

New York City · Full Time
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Do you want to bring Uber’s infrastructure to the next level? Do you know how to build systems that scale with exponential growth? Then you should join Uber's infrastructure team in NYC and help shape the culture, work on a small team and be on the ground floor of something big.

The Core Observability team is building systems for consumption by every other engineering team at Uber. We’re writing a world-class, open-source, end-to-end metrics stack: a scalable distributed time series database, a tag-based query language, and a fleet-wide ingestion pipeline. At Uber we use this stack to monitor thousands of services that run across tens of thousands of machines, processing hundreds of millions of data points per second.

We’re hard at work building this next-generation platform to scale through our next 100x growth phase. Our NYC software engineering efforts are just getting started, so come help shape the culture and tackle these challenges with a small, tight-knit team of experienced engineers.

Folks who understand what happens when coordinating fleets of machines.
Experience building cross-datacenter, highly-available systems. We need engineers who think about fault-tolerance, durability, and scalability.
An emphasis on code quality. (We use Go and C++, but experience in either is not strictly required.)
Experience shaving off cycles and bits for optimal performance: profiling and optimizing your code and runtime environment for the hardware that it runs on.
A passion for meticulously architecting high-performance systems.

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What We're Building

Uber is what you want, when you want it.

Whether it’s a ride across town or a delivery to your door, we give you the best choice at the touch of a button. We power a marketplace that offers people new ways to earn on their own terms. And we strengthen cities by energizing local economies, making streets safer, and promoting a more connected, less congested environment.

Driven by our vision and craftsmanship, Uber technology moves the physical world toward the smarter cities of the future. Cities where transportation is more reliable than running water. Everywhere. For everyone. Where people have the flexibility and opportunity to do more of what matters to them.

Uber. In every language, it means your destination in life, on demand.

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