Terry Martin

Founder @Semantic Press, mobile DaaS platform • Full stack dev/design • Worked with @Appcelerator, @Global Knowledge, @EMC, @Cognizant, @mFoundry (among others)

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What I Do

I’m the founder of @Semantic Press, data mobilization platform (M2M). The intersection of data, mobile and real-time services.

I work with with startups and large enterprise on mobile solutions. Design + code + strategy. I come up with solutions, then I build it.

Completely focused on @SP.


Wrote an ERP system and CRM platform for a startup that helped it grow $6 million in sales within 1 year. Parlayed the revenue and technical infrastructure into exclusive relationships with Chinese manufacturers to enter the US market. In addition to this, I lead the acquisition of a manufacturer of power sport equipment in Shanghai in year 2.

Exited the company to launch Semantic Press to focus on data mobilization, mobile apps and web services.