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Full-Stack Engineer at Typeset

Bengaluru · Full Time is revolutionizing the way "Research" is communicated and disseminated. Think of us as Google Docs for Research. Read More
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Job Description

Typeset solves every researcher’s problem in a research cycle, from discovery to formatting to peer-review to publication. All in one single platform.

We are looking for an insatiably curious, always learning Sr. Fullstack Engineers

• Partner with product owners in designing software that becomes part of researchers’ lives
• Model real-world scenarios into code that can build the Typeset platform
• Test code that you write and continuously improve practices at Typeset
• Arrive at technology decisions after extensive debates with other engineers
• Manage large projects from conceptualization, all the way through deployments
• Evolve and ecosystem of tools and libraries that make it possible for Typeset to provide reliable, always-on, performant services to our users
• Partner with other engineers in developing an architecture that is resilient to changes in product requirements and usage
• Work on the user-interface side and deliver a snappy, enjoyable experience to your users

• 2+ Years of working in small to medium size teams building and shipping products
• Strong grasp of one high-level language like Python, Javascript, Java etc.
• Strong grasp of front-end HTML/CSS, non-trivial browser-side javascript
• General awareness of SQL and database design concepts
• Solid understanding of testing fundamentals
• Strong communication skills

• Prior experience working with high-volume, always-available web-applications
• Experience working with Start-up is a plus point.

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What We're Building

We are transforming the way Research is communicated and disseminated.

Researchers spend a lot of time understanding and developing their research. But when it comes to tools to communicate and disseminate that knowledge, we still use tools from the 19th century. is changing this.

By enabling researchers to communicate their knowledge in the best possible way, we help accelerate scientific progress.

In 3 months since launch, we have gotten researchers from 103 countries writing on the platform, including . organizations such as NASA, CERN, ETH Zurich, Stanford etc. And our story has just begun..

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