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Consumer Spending Analytics

* Be in the front seat building a company and product from scratch.
* We are a small team that believes in ownership. You’ll have a huge part in everything that we do and own your projects, not just be a small cog in the machine.
* Learning: we strongly believe in learning and personal development. We’re building a culture where everybody is encouraged and supported to learn and improve every day.
* Doing your best work every day: at TXN, we’ve decided to build something truly great. With everything we do, big and small, we’re striving to do something that we’ll be proud of.

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What We're Building

We’re building a market research analytics tool for businesses based on consumer credit card transaction information (think “Nielsen for spending”).

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Pasha Bitz
Co-founder / CTO @ TXN Past: principal eng @; tech lead @ Yub (acqd by; senior eng @ TrialPay; Head of Product @ Delver (acqd by Sears)
Jonathan Wolf
Co-Founder and CEO @TXN. Previously in Product, Strategy, Corp Dev, Account Mgmt, and other roles @Bazaarvoice and @Coremetrics.

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Our Investors

Bloomberg Beta
Seed fund focused on the future of work and machine intelligence, in particular. We steer on founder NPS. Now investing out of our 2nd $75M fund.
Auren Hoffman
CEO @SafeGraph . fmr CEO and fndr: @LiveRamp. board: @Siftery .fmr board: @BrightRoll
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