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Turtle Entertainment

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We are eSports!

At Turtle Entertainment, you are surrounded by some of the brightest minds in gaming. Our hierarchies are flat and your ideas and opinions are constantly in demand. Each day will be met with complex and challenging tasks we are going to solve together. Quick decision making allows us to create products which shape and define the nature of the esports market. We value team chemistry and team work above anything else, creating a friendly and fast paced work environment. Read More
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What We're Building

We are the new era of digital entertainment

Discover how we create and promote gaming experiences. The modern culture of eSports offers gaming enthusiasts, fans and sponsors thrilling entertainment in an all-new, interactive environment.

Our global tournaments offer exciting highlights and daily content, which we broadcast directly to the fans at home. Inspired by their idols, young gamers visit our websites daily where they train and communicate - motivated to become the next eSport legend.

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Jens Hilgers
geek, gamer, treehugger. Entrepreneur in Esports since 1997
Ralf Reichert
Founder of SK Gaming and ESL/Turtle Entertainment. Master of Economics
Daniel Matros
Head of Digital Production • Worked at @Electronic Arts, @Turtle Entertainment • Studied at @Stockholm University. Experienced Digital Producer
Jean-Christophe ARNAUD
12 years Marketing specialist, CEO of @The Preachers Community Management agency & CEO @Malorian SARL Event Management agency. Creative and fulltime enthusiast.
Stefano Picco
Founder spicOne multimedia • Worked at @Turtle Entertainment • Studied at @Hochschule Niederrhein
Meike Scheiderich
Worked at @Turtle Entertainment Head of Human Resources.
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