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Local discovery & chat

TurnTalk's mission is to address the fact that there is a HUGE market opportunity in social discovery for people and business in urban areas. No one app dominates the space. Through innovative mobile-focused tech, a localized approach to user acquisition and lean startup methodologies, we believe we're up for the challenge :) Read More
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What We're Building

TurnTalk aims to connect people with the world around them in a comfortable, frictionless & secure way.

- View people around you and look through interests
- Chat anonymously with other users and get to know them
- Send a “turn request” to anyone who you want to know better
- If they agree, you both see each other’s Real profile

*Currently available on iPhones only (Android coming soon)

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TurnTalk Team

Greg Davydov
N/A at TurnTalk

Have Questions? Ask Us Anything

What makes TurnTalk a unique place to work at?
TurnTalk is unique in that it aims to blend the best of new-age lean startup methodologies with tried-&-true (i.e. old-school) business practices. We respect the fact that everyone is different, so there will be no set hours and each team member's personal lives will always be respected. That being said, being prompt, hard-working, honest and respectful of other people's time (i.e. not pushing out meetings 3x a day) will be expected. TurnTalk is a company built with a purpose. We believe a lot can be done with small teams of smart & talented individuals who respect one another and work effectively to achieve business objectives. We hope to be nimble, yet focused in our pursuit to connect people to the world around them.
Stan Khlevner
Founder at TurnTalk since 2016
What are some of the toughest engineering problems TurnTalk is facing now?
TurnTalk is currently built on the Parse backed that will need to be migrated over to a dedicated hosting solution by the end of 2016 (the sooner that better). This will enable us to scale our user-base and introduce higher network traffic intensive features without relying on 3rd party BaaS (or mBaaS providers). Then, the next issue will be scaling.
Stan Khlevner
Founder at TurnTalk since 2016
How many people are you hiring in the next year?
Current financial projections account for hiring at least 4 individuals in the next 12 months and then quadruple that in the next 24 months.
Stan Khlevner
Founder at TurnTalk since 2016

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