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Trustwork is a technology business recreating the economy. Betting on bold people, investing in invention, executing scalably.

Trustwork's Mission: Empower people to rise up and live abundantly.

Trustwork's Vision: The global workforce will be empowered to find opportunity, develop professional reputations, build companies and realize daring dreams; creating abundance for their communities and themselves. Trustwork will be the world’s largest economy.

Trustwork has launched in Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Tampa Bay, Orlando, Jacksonville; and is emerging in Dallas, Denver, Phoenix, and Miami. People everywhere will soon be on Trustwork, the New Land of Opportunity.

Trustwork is one of the most productive teams I've been in. Everyone on the team is a superstar in their field, but still manage to be extremely humble, thoughtful and passionate. I've learned so much from my teammates and I'm constantly surprised by their endurance and bar for excellence. The team is extremely motivated to empower workers and that creates a very rewarding environment.
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Trustwork Team

David Ko
Co-founder of @Trustwork • Previously CTO & Co-founder @The Spot, Head of Eng. @HoneyBook, Principal Engineer @Eventbrite, and Senior Lead Engineer @Microsoft.
Nathaniel Fischer
Founder @Trustwork, Founder @Avesta
Peter Rex
CEO at Trustwork
Sunthar Premakumar
Co-founder @Trustwork. Previously Head of Product and Engineering @Piazza
Joshua de Gastyne
• Associate @Trustwork • formerly @Saffron Ventures • Angel investor in 49 startups
Feifan Zhou
Relentlessly curious | Engineer @Trustwork | https://feifan.blog
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What are some of the toughest engineering problems Trustwork is facing now?
We are creating a software platform where any individual or business owner can create an app on the platform. Think Heroku, but for business services. In this universe, a painter or electrician could launch a business on Trustwork, and with a few clicks, provide insurance, payments, quality assurance for their subcontractors. Individuals should own their professional identity. Sadly, this is not the case today. For example, an individual’s work performance as an Uber driver is ultimately owned by Uber. At Trustwork, we are looking at practical applications of decentralized identity management including building on blockchain technology. Our goal is to be the world’s most efficient place to get work done. One of the largest bottlenecks is finding the right person to do the job. We plan to use AI, NLP, and machine learning to streamline the RFP process. We are looking at ways to create a reputation score, much like a credit score for services that are trusted by businesses around the world and backed by real data and transactions.
Sunthar Premakumar
Co-founder at Trustwork since 2017
What makes Trustwork a unique place to work at?
It is led by successful company builders who founded and own a business that has $100 million in annual revenue, 250 employees and is worth over $1 billion Trustwork is structured as a partnership instead of the Silicon Valley norm of C-corp. We don’t believe in golden handcuffs and want to structure our business such that each teammate has high upside when Trustwork succeeds We are self-funded and have raised a large seed round of $3.3 million. We have a healthy access to capital. Our founders have raised over $300 million in the past. We are not at the mercy of VC capital. We are not forced to pursue short-term goals at the expense of long-term profitability. Our ownership is not subjected to forced dilution. We are generating significant GMV in the first few months of launch. We are building software in markets that generate large revenue numbers and are poised to capture significant value by providing useful tools. We strongly believe in work-life harmony. Every teammate is committed to the longevity of the business and understands the importance of approaching this journey as a marathon and not a sprint. Unlike most early-stage startups, we are very conscious about not overworking and burning out teammates. We make sure each teammate gets 4 weeks of blackout time each year. We take recharge periods very seriously. We don’t believe in forced fun. No gimmicky perks. Everyone genuinely gets along with each other and are passionate about building a business together. We invest in the basics that enable us to build a long-lasting business. We have a humble office, meals and mindful perks. We believe in a different interview philosophy. We don’t believe in impractical coding challenges that don’t tell us much about your abilities. Most of our steps are focused on getting to know you better and deeply understanding what makes you tick.
Sunthar Premakumar
Co-founder at Trustwork since 2017

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