Work at TrueMotion

Safer driving, powered by your smartphone.

We are solving big problems. We are shaping the future of the connected world, and saving lives in the process. Our data scientists and engineers are using advanced sensor technology, big data and analytics to improve driver safety, while redefining how insurance is priced and delivered.

What We're Building

Safer driving, powered by your smartphone.

TrueMotion (formerly Censio) is shaping the future of driving safety - through data and technology - while redefining how insurance is priced and delivered. TrueMotion’s technology platform enables insurance companies to distinguish between safe and risky drivers, reward safe drivers with discounts on their insurance and help reduce the number of driving accidents, leading to safer roads for all.

Open Positions


Joe Adelmann
Co-Founder of Censio. Background in Air Force as engineer, program manager, officer candidate instructor at MIT, and exec officer in Afghanistan.
Brad Cordova
Co-founder and CTO of Censio. PhD program at MIT; worked at Sandia National Laboratories, CERN, and Caltech. Studied theoretical physics and mathematics.
Benjamin Bates
tech, startups, redsox, family, what else do you need? Leading the charge for quality at @TrueMotion
Rebecca Churt
Marketing and Audience Growth Specialist
Jen Paxton
Optimizing recruiting process, employee retention and engagement.
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