Backend Engineer at TrueLayer

London · Full Time
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Job Description

Back End Engineer at TrueLayer

London based, full time role.

Salary range: £40,000-£50,000 per year.

Job Description

TrueLayer’s Back End Engineers are the backbone of our API. We count on our backend engineering team to build a product developers love to use to build financial applications that interact with banks. They work on the logic that abstracts away the complexity of financial infrastructure from developers, so our users can focus on building on their products.

We’re looking for a visionary software engineer who sees the big picture of where financial technology is headed. We want our engineers to be passionate about solving problems with an exceptionally high engineering quality, as we continue in our journey to move financial technology forward.

We use a range of exciting technologies including Node.JS to write our API code, Docker and Kubernetes to schedule and run our services, AWS for our infrastructure, ElasticSearch, Redis and more to get the job done.

Who we are:

At TrueLayer, we build universal APIs that allow companies to access the financial data of their customers, securely, reliably and efficiently.

Headquartered in London, we’re a small team of talented, creative problem-solvers who are working hard to build the most innovative financial technology possible. Our goal: to power a new era of financial innovation.

And, we’re just getting started.

What you will do:

* Help design, build and maintain TrueLayer’s APIs;
* Collaborate with other engineers, designers and product managers to improve the TrueLayer experience for users;
* Ship rapidly and regularly to production in 3-week sprints;
* Take ownership of improving our product, tooling and engineering processes;
* Contribute to our culture and help make TrueLayer an exceptional workplace.


We’re looking for people who:

* Have 1-2 years of experience in a production environment solving complex problems at scale;
* Have knowledge and proficiency in OO programming and common OO design patterns;
* Use data and tools to test your hypothesis, throwing away assumptions when necessary;
* Are able to empathise with users and developers alike, and elevate their voice in internal decision making, helping us build a user-centric culture;
* Are familiar with modern web services and APIs, and love learning about technical solutions;
* Comfortable dealing with a lot of moving pieces with the ability to prioritise demands;
* Are willing to take ownership over new features and ship with minimal support;
* Have a hacker mentality: you are perfectly capable of understanding cryptography and fixing the coffee machine at the same time;
* Use data and build your own tools to prove your hypothesis;
* Enjoy being part of a small team and are actively thinking of ways to enhance our processes, our internal tools, and the way we work.

Nice to haves:

* You enjoy, and have experience, building APIs;
* You have exposure to Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, ElasticSearch, Redis and other new technologies; and if not, you're keen to start working with them;
* You have startup experience during a hyper-growth phase.

What you need to send to us:

* A resume and/or LinkedIn profile and/or GitHub profile.
* Why you want to work at TrueLayer.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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What We're Building

We solve the big problem of connecting applications with bank infrastructure and giving them access to a clean, standardized and categorized view of their customers’ account balance, transactions, and credit card data.

Bank data is a fundamental building block that developers need in order to create innovative consumer and SMBs applications in the following areas: payments, online lending, PFM, robot-advisors, insurance, investment services, p2p marketplaces, and cryptocurrencies.

TrueLayer is in private beta in the UK and will rapidly roll out in all the major European countries during 2017

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