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We enable applications to connect with the bank infrastructure

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What We're Building

We solve the big problem of connecting applications with bank infrastructure and giving them access to a clean, standardized and categorized view of their customers’ account balance, transactions, and credit card data.

Bank data is a fundamental building block that developers need in order to create innovative consumer and SMBs applications in the following areas: payments, online lending, PFM, robot-advisors, insurance, investment services, p2p marketplaces, and cryptocurrencies.

TrueLayer is in private beta in the UK and will rapidly roll out in all the major European countries during 2017

Jobs at TrueLayer

TrueLayer Team

Simone D'Amico
Senior Software Engineer @TrueLayer was CTO & Founder @Pronto @TechPeaks @SeedStartup @MassChallenge @Seedcamp graduate
Riccardo Arvizzigno
Interested in ai/vr/cryptos and crazy ideas - Previously @Product Hunt (YCS14)
Shefali Roy
COO and CCO, TrueLayer. Ex: @Stripe, @Apple, @christiesinc, @Goldmansachs | @oxfordsbs | boards: @adaslist, @photoworks_uk | @TEDx speaker.
Abrar Nazir
Recruiting @TrueLayer - powering the new era of financial innovation. Get in touch!
Vince Mitolo
Works at TrueLayer
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TrueLayer Investors

Tony Jamous
Investing in platform models
Simone Brunozzi
Founder @ Formerly: Chief Technologist @ VMware; Technology Evangelist at Amazon Web Services; CTO; Entrepreneur; CS Professor.
Federico Pomi
Founder and Angel Investor.

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