Front-End / Full Stack Software Engineer at Truebill

San Francisco, Maryland, Washington DC · Full Time
Truebill develops a mobile app that helps consumers take control of their financial lives. Truebill leverages AI to analyze users’ spending habits, identify inefficiencies, and take action to ultimately improve their financial health. The app allows people to optimize their spending, manage subscriptions, lower their bills, even set aside money to reach their savings goals. Read More
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Job Description

Truebill is a fast-growing, product focused company looking for ambitious engineers to join the team. Our mission is to meaningfully improve the financial health of millions of people.

Our stack is incredibly productive and fun to work with:
* React Native
* GraphQL (Apollo)
* Node.js
* PostgreSQL

You will work closely with design, product, and engineering to build beautiful products. This role is about 60-70% front-end, but you should be comfortable enough with Node.js to contribute to the back-end as well.

We are a team who believes in getting things done. There are no layers of management to report to. We just build great products with great code and ship it. As a part of our small team, you’ll be given lots of responsibility and opportunities to impact the overall architecture as well as the product.

Our ideal candidate has:
* 3+ years professional experience writing production software
* Experience with complex interfaces for web/native applications
* Professional experience working with at least 1 modern JavaScript framework (React, Angular, etc)
* Cares about how and why they're building something, not just what

Bonus points for:
* Working knowledge of functional programming techniques
* Experience with ES6/7, TypeScript or Flow
* A history of open-source contributions
* Experience working with React Native in production

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What We're Building

Truebill is the first platform that allows you to find, track and manage your subscription services and recurring bills.

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