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Financial services for seniors

* We will value what you can add to our culture
* Protect the financial freedom of people with cognitive impairments
* Complex technology, beautiful user experience
* We build only what is necessary, when it's necessary

What We're Building

For the first time, people retiring at 65 have to plan for 35+ years of remaining life – bringing questions about longevity risk, cognitive aging, and paying for long term and medical care to the fore of financial decision making. True Link provides banking, investment, and insurance products to form a comprehensive approach to these deeply personal questions.

+90% net promoter score, 3x'ing every year, $37B TAM, profitable lines of business in debit cards and robo advisory.

Jobs at True Link

True Link Team

Kai Stinchcombe
Cofounder @True Link • Cofounder @Aktana • Employee #2 at @LendUp • Founder @Strategic Districts • Founder, Roosevelt Institution
Pengfei Philip Chi
Berkeley Math Major, Ruby on Rails Developer, former data analyst with strong SQL skills, perfect for working with ORMs and query optimization.
Torrey Payne
Reed College Math-Econ, App Academy, True Link Financial
Isaac Elias
Software engineer - experienced in web technologies, and excited about android
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