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Powering the future. Turn Aluminum and Water into Hydrogen and Electricity

We are a company that is focused on developing clean and renewable energy in an efficient, easy-to-use system that utilizes a common waste material as a power source (think Mr. Fusion from Back to the Future). Our technology is on the bleeding edge of power generation and brings together scientific research and Silicon Valley resolve in the perfect balance of Sci-Fi and Technology

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What We're Building

We take waste aluminum (like soda cans) and use it to split the molecules of water into Hydrogen and Oxygen. This process is 100% clean, green, and renewable. No carbon, no fossil fuels, no harmful emissions. What's more, this process even addresses the issue of reducing solid landfill waste by recycling valuable Aluminum scrap.

Our technology will eliminate many of the major pain points relating to manufacturing, storage, and transport of hydrogen. All the user has to do is insert aluminum, add water, and clean hydrogen fuel comes out. It's that simple.

We intend on disrupting the renewable fuel market and usher in the Hydrogen Economy.

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Trolysis Team

Josiah Nelson
Co-Founder & CEO @Trolysis • Former @Google • Advisor @Silicon Valley Bank • Innovation & Entrepreneurship @Stanford
Tirthak Saha
Forbes 30 Under 30 Co-Founder & CTO @Trolysis Ex-Grid Modernization @AmericanElectricPower
Annie Brown
Marketing Director; Founder at Lips
Bob Wilson
Founder @MOZAIK MEDIA, @BEEnergy Development • Early sales team member at @Bloom Energy (IPO) & @Chai Energy . Earned chops @AIG @Zurich
Noah Nelson
Director of Automotive Ventures @Trolysis

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