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My syndicate differentiates in three ways:

1 - I only invest in founders that I'm extremely passionate about, and who I believe are smart, ethical leaders.

2 - Thus, founders offer my syndicate better terms and early access. I also offer lower carry and minimum investments than most syndicates.

3 - Finally, the companies not only have exciting growth, but are also bettering the world.

I focus on companies in these areas:

1 - Experiences - travel, vices (e.g. sex, drugs, rock 'n' roll), and other experiential companies.

2 - Creativity - empowering the creative class through content, art, music or otherwise.

3 - Frontier Tech - the future of technology. Think AI/machine learning, AR/VR, drones.

4 - Marketplaces - distributing power. This includes the sharing economy.

About me:

I invest in, and get early access to, founders who are genuine and know how to hustle in markets that I know well. I also coach every founder I invest in on fundraising and growth, and bring many ex-founders to invest with me who know the industry. Sometimes I get better valuations, too.

*I have one exit (SocialEarth), and have raised money as an early stage startup founder (Storefront: ~$10M).

*I'm an Entrepreneur in Residence and Venture Partner at 500 Startups where I've supported over 200 portfolio companies with hands-on mentorship and $22M in funding.

*I also know accelerators/incubators well, and took Storefront through the fifth AngelPad class.

Thus, my selection process is carefully made as I look for startups that have legit and growing traction, a solid vision, and big potential. I'm opportunistic, what can I say.

Join me in partnering with founders who want to build movements around their companies.

More on me:


I'll syndicate all of my investment opportunities.

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Sundeep Ahuja
28 Syndicates incl @Mosaic @Good Eggs; CoFndr @Richrelevance; helped launch @Kiva; Investor @Goodreads @Counsyl; Advisor @Indiegogo @HOOKED; BS CS Stanford
Saad AlSogair
Investing in what matters, not in what's predictable. Over 200 investments on @AngelList Consultant Dermatologist @Elite Derma Care.
Richard D. Titus
Raj DasGupta
Cloud Computing/SAAS at scale for A&D/Life Sciences Author of The Icarus Prediction
Jagdish Repaswal
Founded MangoReader. Strong Product and Tech. Worked at Startups in Mobile, EdTech, Social Media, Games. Consultant at Summly, EkStep.
Erik Eliason
Startup investor & advisor. Previously: @Storefront,, @SocialEarth, @8thBridge, @AngelPad.
Hiro Maeda
Strategic Investor
Venture capitalist based in Tokyo.
Krish Jayaram
Director @Snapchat. Ex-banker turned human (@Credit Suisse). Founder/CEO/Janitor - @Buyou (AngelPad Fall '12). BBA - @University of Michigan (Go Blue!).
Tristan is a creative thinker who brings people together and gets things done. Social Earth came out of nowhere to become a key media channel for the social entrepreneurship sector under Tristan's leadership. I'm excited to see what he does now with Storefront.
Tom Dawkins
For Tristan Pollock's work at SocialEarth
Tristan is an incredibly thoughtful and sharp individual. He truly understands retail and what is shaping the future of it.
Erik Eliason
Co-founder of a company Tristan Pollock founded
Tristan is a values-first dude who works and works and works to create amazing products. He's also a wonderful team player who works well with others to get things done. I have so much faith in the good work that Tristan does, both with Storefront and with all of his endeavors. Also,...more
Problem solver. Get shit done-r. Inspiring to work with.
I endorse Tristan. Honest, humble, curious, persistent.
Robert Stephens
For Tristan Pollock's work at Best Buy
Tristan is a marketplace / distribution expert.
Pete Ryan
For Tristan Pollock's investment at Gogohire
Great entrepreneur, great networking guy, happy to work with him!
Raffaele Giovine
For Tristan Pollock's work with italist
Tristan is your all weather go-to man. If shit is doing well, he will take you out for drinks, have a good time and give you nuggets of incredible advice for how it can be even better. If shit hits the fan, he will sit with you and figure a way out. Lucky to have him as a part of Headout.
Great help as our POC at
Evan Prodromou
For Tristan Pollock's investment at
Tristan is smart, super helpful and really gets marketplaces. We're fortunate to have caught his attention and you would be too.
Tristan is a huge proponent of the #viceconomy. Tristan understands that millennials spend more money on experiences with friends then on physicals goods that clutter their urban apartments. He's smart, cool and thoughtful.
John Morgan Rushworth
For Tristan Pollock's work with BottlesTonight
Tristan was a fantastic mentor at 500, and has continued to help us after the program ended. If you're looking for a strategic advisor / investor talk to Tristan.
Tristan is wicked smart and an out-of-box thinker. Great to have a mentor for strategy and ideas!
Wayne Thai
For Tristan Pollock's work with Voyajoy
Tristan know how to hustle to get results. His advice is always actionable and on point.
Mikael Yang
For Tristan Pollock's work with ManyChat
Instrumental in getting us into Batch18 of 500 Startups
Prem Kumta
For Tristan Pollock's investment at Up All Night
Tristan is a smart, deep thinking and driven entrepreneur. He has been extremely helpful and influential as a mentor and friend.
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