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Improving mobility solutions through exoskeletons

We're here to make a dent in the universe... At Trexo Robotics, we're solving big problems that have a big impact. Read More
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What We're Building

The Tréxō device helps children experience walking with a correct gait pattern using robot-assisted technology. Our technology is completely mobile for in- and outdoor use, costs a fraction of the price of our competitors, and is designed with the child's experience in mind. With Tréxō, every child can feel like Ironman!

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Trexo Robotics Team

Manmeet Maggu
CEO of Trexo Robotics. Univ. of Waterloo Mechatronics. Univ. of Toronto MBA. Love Robotics.
Rahul Udasi
CTO/Co-founder at Trexo Robotics
Dina Nikitina
Business Developer, Trexo Event Manager, CDL Cancer Researcher, Women's College Hospital

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