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We're on a mission to make it easy to buy, sell or trade a car. We like dogs.

What We're Building

TRED is the most trusted way to buy or sell a pre-owned car—with the largest network of trusted buyers and sellers, and the most advanced technology and financing options.

We connect you with buyers and sellers for a private party person-to-person transaction—so you get the best price—but also cover you with all the same protection and security as a dealer. (We handle the paperwork and make sure you get paid!)

For cars that are out of warranty, we provide peace of mind with our free 30-day TRED Vehicle Protection policy: complete warranty coverage and roadside assistance that can be extended up to seven years.

No flakes. No scammers. No risk.

Jobs at TRED


Grant Feek
Co-Founder and CEO (Tred); previously in private equity and automotives (PCCP/Lehman Brothers, Lowe Enterprises, BMW); MBA (@Harvard Business School).
Christina Perry
Full-stack marketing leader - building startup marketing orgs from the ground up.
Alexander Moore
I have worked a variety of jobs from sales to customer service. I earned my B.S. degree in Business Administration from Towson University.
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