Lead Data Engineer at Transfix

New York City, New York · Full Time
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Job Description

At Transfix, we aim to make logistics effortless, fair, and efficient through the use of market-leading technology. As our Lead Data Engineer, you will build our data warehouse and define our data processes. Data will be touching every initiative we're driving forward including pricing, routing, and optimizing performance to name a few. We’re currently living in AWS and Redshift.

Design, build, and scale our data warehouse and pipelines
Manage and define the growth of the data team
Build a distributed server-side data ingestion platform
Drive adoption of new technologies and tools
Implement and design scalable ETL processes
Develop and optimize our roadmap as a member of our tech leadership team
Partner with our Sales and Operations teams to identify features based on analytics and machine learning

Bachelor’s degree in a STEM field
3+ years experience with building data warehouses and defining requirements
Fluent with programming languages (Java, Python, Ruby)
Strong knowledge of BigQuery, Hadoop
Solid understanding of OO design
Familiarity with agile environments
Geolocation, mapping, routing optimization knowledge is a plus

**Disclaimer: Please note that the "Annual Salary Range" and the "Equity Range" are inaccurate. We pay competitive salaries and prefer to disclose that information during the interview process.

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What We're Building

Interstate freight shipping – on demand, automated, real-time transparency.
Our integrated mobile app and web platform matches truck drivers w/ shippers.

"Transfix brings the Uber model to the $800 billion dollar trucking industry."
– Liz Gannes, Re/code

"How the Trucking Industry Could Be Vastly More Efficient"
– Eric Jaffe, CityLab (The Atlantic)

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Our Investors

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EntreprAngel @REDBOOKS | @RoBuzz | @RuggedVC
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Institutional Seed Investor
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