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Trailhead Labs is a team of innovators making an impact by building technology and services to connect people with the outdoors. Read More
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Trailhead Labs Team

Jereme Monteau
Co-Founder & CTO @ Trailhead Labs. Currently building OuterSpatial. 20 years technology experience. Web, cloud, platforms, outdoors. Full stack. 
Ryan Branciforte
Founder. Help lead the Trailhead Labs in its mission to build innovative technology that connects people with the outdoors. Former NPS, GreenInfo Network, BAOSC
Nate Irwin
Now: CPO at Trailhead Labs building OuterSpatial. Past: Digital mapping and mobile application lead at National Park Service.
Jason Ferrier
Software Engineer at Trailhead Labs
Marcea Ennamorato
Worked at Mapquest, DigitalGlobe. Experience with ArcGIS, Agile, Sketch, Python, Adobe Illustrator. Went to University of California, Berkeley

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