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Deep learning for automation

Tractable is a deep learning startup specialising in computer vision to solve specific high impact problems in industry. We believe that what holds back computer vision from disrupting industries is the need for richly tagged, domain specific training sets. Our proprietary technology solves this issue by blending aspects of clustering, active learning, dimensionality reduction, data visualization and human-computer interaction. We have a team of world class AI researchers and engineers pioneering it. Our business developers are using it to unlock significant value in insurance, smart cities, healthcare and industrials.

What We're Building

Deep learning has just surpassed human accuracy in large scale vision (ILSVRC). Computers can now be made to see as well as humans. We're taking it from the research lab to the real world.

Any business that relies on expert analysis of imagery or video to make decisions can be turned into a scalable, pure software business by our technology. We are exploiting opportunities in insurance, media and retail, and are exploring more in industrials and natural resources.

Tractable is the most exciting company that I have ever worked at and has a great team of really exceptional people. It's amazing to see Deep Learning deliver real world benefits to companies and their customers.
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Jobs at Tractable

Tractable Team

Alex Dalyac
Co-founder @Tractable
Razvan Ranca
Founder @Tractable, former Researcher/Postgrad @University of Cambridge
Thomas Varsavsky
Research Scientist @Tractable. Machine Learning MSc @University College London . Physics BSc from @Imperial College London. Intern @Togethera .
Carles Reina
VP of Operations at @Tractable . Worked at @Uber, @Banco Santander. Founder of Robotius Technologies.
Yih Kai Teh
Machine Learning, Electrical & Electronics Engineer, Study Abroad in United States, Internship at Germany
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Tractable Investors

Ash Fontana
Invest in intelligent enterprise software as GP of @Zetta. Previously made fundraising happen on @AngelList. Co-founder of @Topguest (exited Dec 2011) & more.
Nathan Benaich
Investing in intelligent systems.
Greg Gladwell
Portfolio career builder including Consultant, Advisor, Angel Investor, Introducer, Mentor and NED at Gladwell Enterprises Ltd.

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