Jobs at Toymail

The mobile phone re-imagined for kids

We're Amazon, Verizon & YC backed Toymail, an early stage tech startup based in NYC building a groundbreaking way for kids to exchange voice messages with loved ones. You might have seen us on Shark Tank a in February, snagging one of their best deals in history. Our founding team are the serial entrepreneurs behind Clocky, the runaway alarm clock that has sold over a million units. We value people who communicate complex ideas with fluency, attack problems creatively with simple and focused execution, and are hungry to build something big.

What We're Building

Ninety-Five percent of kids under 10 do not have a phone because parents worry about screen-time and security. Toymail has re-imagined the mobile phone for children creating a WIFI based, kid-friendly, safe and screen-free way to stay connected to loved ones. Toymail is more than a toy company - it's a fully verticalized hardware and software platform that educates, entertains, and helps families stay connected. Parents can unlock new features in the toy via in-app purchases so that the toy evolves as their child grows. Toymail will launch in 2016 with their first major app content partner, Amazon Alexa, turning every Toymail toy into an Echo for kids. Additionally, Toymail modules can be put into any toy, enabling endless licensing opportunities.

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Jobs at Toymail

Toymail Team

Gauri Nanda
Founder Toymail Co, @Nanda Home • Worked at @Apple • Studied at @MIT• Brought Clocky, the alarm clock that runs away to market out of MIT.
Audry Hill
Entrepreneur. Founder and Creative Director @ Toymail Co. • Studied at @University of Michigan
Samir Roy
I build teams that build high quality products.
Connor Wray
Sean Hummel
Head of Sales at Toymail

Toymail Investors

Kevin Moore
Leeroy Jenkins of angels. Former tech i-banker, corp dev, CFO. @University of Southern California
Jon Vlassopulos
Entrepreneur and Angel Investor. Father of 2. Recovering Media, Advertising and Mobile Exec. Interested in helping passionate founders where I can add value.
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