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Crypto Investing Made Easy

Our value stems from our know-how. Investing in crypto assets has been rewarding financially for our own personal account and now we strive to simplify the cumbersome process for everyone with Totle.

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What We're Building

Gain exposure to the exciting crypto markets without the hassle. Our portfolio platform brings the ease-of-use that is familiar to investors who use robo advisors for their traditional investing needs. Crypto assets are here to stay and we strive to make this new asset class available to everyone.

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Totle Team

David Bleznak
Founder @Totle - Crypto Investing Made Easy
Jordan Lyall
Head of Product @Totle. Entrepreneur & early crypto-investor. Obsessed w/ bringing great user experience to crypto. Startup founder with an exit.
Rena O'Brien
Head of Operations and Product Manager @Totle
Business and Computer Science Degrees.
Sergey Tsyba
Full-stack hands-on CTO. Ethereum blockchain specialist. Designing, developing and deploying complex applications for more than a decade
Noah Passalacqua
Autodidact software engineer working closely with blockchain technology.
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Totle Investors

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