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Cybersecurity products for hardware designers

Tortuga Logic is a funded start-up headquartered in the EvoNexus technology incubator in Downtown San Diego, CA. Tortuga Logic primarily provides hardware security solutions to the semiconductor industry. More information can be found at

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What We're Building

Tortuga Logic’s first commercial product, Prospect, is a software suite that allows hardware designers to find security vulnerabilities in their designs. More information can be found at

Jobs at Tortuga Logic

Tortuga Logic Team

Jonathan Valamehr
Founder Tortuga Logic, Inc. • Studied at @University of California, Santa Barbara
Sal Cardinale
Lead Software Engineer at Tortuga Logic
Shane Kading
Shane is a 20 year veteran in semiconductors; digital ASIC, full custom, FPGA and embedded systems. His skills include M&A consultant, Angle investing, and...
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