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Automated Facebook marketing for mobile apps

We're a product-oriented team that have built and scaled products that hundreds of millions of people have used. Read More
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What We're Building

Toro automates Facebook marketing for mobile apps.

Toro makes it super easy to split test and optimize mobile marketing campaigns. We’re solving one of the necessary, but time-consuming, parts of launching great mobile apps. We believe in creating delightful experiences that are easy to use, save people time, and, most importantly, save our customers money by improving campaign performance.

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Joel Poloney
Co-Creator of FarmVille. Investor in @Momentum Machines, @Famous.AF / Stolen, and @smashgg. Sold @Toro to @Google in 2015. Sold @MyMiniLife to @Zynga in 2009.

Our Investors

Sizhao Yang
Co-Creator of Farmville. Founder of @MyMiniLife (sold to @Zynga). Advisor to SV Angel, AngelList.
Shantanu Talapatra
Founder @smashgg • Worked at @Zynga • Studied at GaTech
Siqi Chen
Kyle Stewart
Advisor to @Zextit. Former VP at @Zynga.
Bill Tai
Angel: Twitter (Tweetdeck) @Tango @Voxer (BOD) @Treasure Data (Chmn). Seed: @Wish, Soundtracking. Past BOD of 7 Listed companies incl one I founded.
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