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Job Description

Are you looking to flex your teaching/ customer service muscles at one of Toronto's fastest growing startups? Can you make explaining a new technology solution sound like a dream come true? You will work with new customers (which happen to be professors) to help adopt technology that will transform their lectures into a modern classroom!

We're growing like crazy, and that's where you come in! We're looking for you to become our newest onboarding specialist!

About the Gig:

• You will manage each new professor’s customized onboarding journey and ensure they are totally ready to adopt the platform for their upcoming class
• You ensure customers are familiar (some might say experts) with using the platform in their classroom
• You will share best practices on how to format lectures and effectively teach using the Top Hat platform
• You ensure that each professor is proactively prepared for the beginning of the semester to ensure full readiness of both the students and professor
• You will manage your full onboarding pipeline of new professors from signing the contract, to training, to full utilization, to the first day of class

About You:

• You are very organized and comfortable managing high volume of training sessions and tasks
• You are eloquent in your communication skills (especially over the phone, you have a way in establishing relationships)
• You are familiar with technology and competent with computers
• Having a teaching or training background is highly preferred

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What We're Building

Top Hat provides educators the ability to interface with large classrooms, by using devices that students already own to make the classroom more engaging.

Students use their own devices to respond to quizzes, engage in live discussions, and manipulate interactive simulations. Professors get real-time feedback on student comprehension to adjust their lectures on the fly.

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