Tony Conrad

Founder @About.Me, Sphere; @True Ventures Automattic (WordPress), MakerBot, Typekit, Blue Bottle Coffee; Serious Parking @Karma & Drip Coffee Skills

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What I Do

I prefer informal discussions over board meetings. I like making connections within my network. I enjoy helping startups bring on new talent, advisors, figure out the right product strategy and capitalization approach. I'm an entrepreneur at heart so I tend not to meddle.


Founded and sold & Sphere. Member of the founding team of True Ventures. I re-acquired in Feb, 2013 and I'm the acting CEO. Other notable exits I've played a role in include: Makerbot (Stratasys, Typekit (Adobe), Oddpost (Yahoo), Assistly (Salesforce), Quinstreet (Public), Danger (Microsoft), Post Communications (Public), Stoneyfield Farms (Danone), Milk (Google), GDGT (AOL), OnTheAir (Yahoo), WeGame (TAGGED).

What I'm Looking For