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What I Do

Tony Elliott is founder and sole proprietor of the business concept The Reservation
Network. This business concept was founded in 2011 by Mr. Elliott. By research
in the casual dining & reservation service industries, Mr. Elliott has concluded the
casual dining industry an un-tapped market. Mr. Elliott’s prior experience was owner Tax Time in New York. During his 12- year tenure at Tax Time, Mr. Elliott has; developed a list of over 2,000 clients; maintain profit margins of 15% while sustaining a net profit of over 200k.

Mr. Elliott also has 10-years experience as an executive in the customer service
industry. In 2005, Mr. Elliott was founder of Phone Etiquette Service, LLC based
in Ga. Throughout his career, Mr. Elliott has shared exceptional customer service skills with his staff of trained professionals. He has learned the goals, need and wants of the customer service industry.

Currently, Mr. Elliott is pursuing the conception, birth and growth of The
Reservation Network

What I'm Looking For

Currently, The Reservation Network business concept is in the early stages of development and the
company is eagerly seeking investors and partners to bring notoriety, focus and direction in providing
reservation services to the casual dining industry.