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TOMIS is an automated marketing intelligence platform for activity providers. TOMIS (Tour Operator Marketing Intelligence Software) levels the playing field for SMBs (starting with tour operators) to navigate the increasingly complex world of digital marketing, allowing them to raise their visibility and drive sales. TOMIS is a machine learning engine that uses AI technology to constantly predict optimal marketing placement options across dozens of platforms (Facebook, Google, Website...) and deliver optimized recommended actions based on recent and historical sales/marketing data.

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Jobs at TOMIS


Evan Tipton
Founder @TOMIS; Owner @3 Rivers Marketing Group ; Worked at @Xola; Went through Stanford's @StartX incubator
Greg Robinson
Lead Data Scientist at TOMIS. Optimize marketing spend using predictive analytics. R and python.
Blair Gemmer
MS Computer Science, University of Montana. Worked 5 different startups;co-founded I am currently building TOMIS. I love everything Python and data!
Shane Cavaliere
Full-stack developer and UX/product designer with 12 years of professional experience. Currently leading front end engineering and product design at TOMIS.
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