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Token unifies the way you prove your identity - live free of keys, cards, and passwords.

Our vision is a world where people control their own identity, and can share, collaborate, and interact in a trusted way.

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What We're Building

Token unifies the way you prove your identity to the world - live free of keys, cards, badges and IDs.

Melanie Shapiro, Token CEO, at TED2018
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Jobs at Token

Token Team

Melanie Shapiro
CEO Token
Steve Shapiro
Co-founder & CTO at Token, founded @Digsby, led product at Tagged, designed IB2 @Bloomberg LP
Nika Shclover
Melanie Shapiro's Chief of Staff @ Token
Jennifer Thistle
Putting out fires and de-risking at Token.
Eric Mogil
CMO at @Token / Previously Head of Innovation at Michael Kors

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Token Investors

Hadi Partovi
Startup investor/advisor and former entrepreneur
Roy Bahat
Head of Bloomberg Beta, investing in the future of work. Also teach media at UC Berkeley. Ex-government, big corporate, co-founder of OUYA. I majored in etc.
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