SaaS and moving downmarket - MongoDB’s transformation
  • MongoDB Inc. is the commercial vendor behind the MongoDB NoSQL database.
  • Startup success stories are never a straight line, and MongoDB is no exception. In 2007, the team planned on building an open source PaaS, but couldn’t find a database that would fit their needs. MongoDB was born, and eventually, the company scrapped its old vision and focused exclusively on building the database business.
  • In terms of numbers, MongoDB is a healthy, high-growth technology company (this was before companies like Zoom reset our expectations for what’s possible). Pre IPO, revenue grew 50%+ YoY, and MongoDB’s customer growth was accelerating with… Show more

August 31st

Open core - monetize through first principles
  • If you consider building a B2B company that serves a technical audience, open source might be a powerful tool for you. Most likely, you will pick open core as a monetization strategy.
  • Open core has a “built-in conflict” between the open source project, the community, and the commercial vendor. By definition, if you extend the “open core” with proprietary functionality (so that you can monetize), you hold functionality from the open source project.
  • Managing this conflict is crucial for the success of your company. It will help tremendously if you derive what goes into open source vs. what’s proprietary from first principles.

August 19th

Building an app in 5 minutes

We used three apps in this session: Glide, Adalo, and Bubble. Glide lets you whip up tiny apps that function under simple basics. We literally built an app in 4 minutes that functioned well to showcase all my old live streams.

Max Mirho

It's not hard to whip up a prototype app - here's how I made one in under 5 mins

'Real' programming is an elitist myth

When software lets nonprogrammers do programmer things, it makes the programmers nervous. Suddenly they stop smiling indulgently and start talking about what “real programming” is.

Christian Heine

I am getting really tired of these headlines. They are not only obviously crafted to draw attention (namely from anyone who might identify as a victim to not be a "real" programmer as well as anyone else who feels the op… Show more


@Christian Heine things are contextual, absolutism by his small life experience is a psychiatric disorder, i.e exhibitionism, mostly intellectually fraudulent. BTW, people are divided by nature, not an argument.

Brandon Zacharie

I believe this author may have had (or heard of) a bad interaction with a few egotistical programmers. After having spent that last decade in a dozen tech companies and working with hundreds programmers, I don't believe … Show more

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