The four people who will tell you how to build a successful product

Is your product building itself? It should be. The longer I've been an entrepreneur, the more I believe in the self-perpetuating success of a product and a startup. Yes, there's still a lot of hard work to be done. Yes, you need experience to make critical decisions.

Joe Procopio

A startup can build a successful product by listening to four important people. But these same four people can also lead your business to ruin.

October 7th

Platform liquidity: impact of economic incentives

Network effects can only take hold when a product has reached a minimum threshold or critical mass of users (also called liquidity) — this is true for marketplaces, interaction networks, and data networks.

Platforms, on the other hand, are unique because they are always built on top of another product with existing adoption. So it is natural to assume that platforms can leverage these existing customers to attract a critical mass of developers. Wouldn’t they have liquidity right from the get-go? Not always.

Sameer Singh

The economic incentives of a platform determine its path to liquidity. Type A platforms (with known use cases) like Slack, Zoom, and Figma can reach liquidity by targeting professional developers and giving them an avenu… Show more

Aram Dovlatyan

Interesting perspective

How to build curation businesses

Curation businesses — universities, bootcamps, accelerators — are incredibly powerful.

At first glance, they wouldn’t seem to be as powerful as tech companies, in the sense that they don’t have data moats or tech leverage. And yet, when you look at how long these institutions can dominate without being disrupted, they start to look that much more impressive.

Curation businesses create socially acceptable context to build close relationships. Intentional communities, fellowships, bootcamps, and “circles” are all trying to unbundle this age old paradigm, hoping to produce a similar effect on relationship building. So, how do these “cu… Show more

Incredibly well written and insightful. My only thought is that it's hard to make curation businesses *appear* accessible. Same issue as Ivy League / Russell Group and how some students then simply don't apply. @eriktore… Show more

October 5th

Slack's CTO and 2 new engineering execs share how they're rethinking culture and how to use their own product to make remote work work long-term

A few months ago, Slack announced that it would start allowing its employees to work remotely even after the pandemic ends as it shifts to a more distributed workforce. The company's engineering team is at the heart of these changes.