How Microsoft crushed Slack

Slack's struggle to succeed as a standalone company mirror the fortunes of other one-time innovators in enterprise productivity who struggled with distribution

Chris Messina
This is a great piece on the #Slackquisition by @CaseyNewton with depressingly spot-on commentary from @levie. It's not who has the best spice, it's who has the best *distribution* of the spice, who wins.… Show more
Dare Obasanjo
Slack joins Apple on the list of companies that took out a newspaper ad to sarcastically welcome an incumbent into their market only to lose to them. Unfortunately when it comes to enterprise, sales teams beat good user… Show more
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Salesforce is acquiring workplace chat app Slack for $27.7 billion
  • Cloud computing giant Salesforce is acquiring workplace chat app Slack for $27.7 billion, the two companies announced on Tuesday.
  • The deal, rumblings of which began surfacing last week, marks one of the most consequential acquisitions in the business software industries in recent years and Salesforce’s biggest purchase ever.
  • Under the terms of the agreement, Slack shareholders will receive $26.79 in cash and 0.0776 shares of Salesforce common stock for each Slack share, representing an enterprise value of approximately $27.7 billion based on the closing price of Salesforce’s common stock on November 30, 2020.
  • Salesforce and Slack… Show more
Aaron Levie
Boom! Slack + Salesforce is huge. This move fundamentally re-orders the enterprise software landscape, giving Slack a new level of scale and creating all new opportunities across the entire ecosystem. Congrats to @Beniof… Show more
Stewart Butterfield
Despite feeling like I had a decade’s worth of CEOing in the last 18 months, today’s news inspires a lot of excitement about the decade to come. I was told that people on the internet may have opinions, so thought I’d … Show more
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How Ryan Reynolds and Mint Mobile worked without becoming the joke

In the past decade, celebrity interest and investment in tech companies has significantly increased. But not all celebrity investments are created equally. Some investors, like Ashton Kutcher, have prioritized the VC pursuits. Some have invested casually without getting overly involved. Others have...

Reddit reveals daily active user count for the first time: 52 million
  • Reddit revealed that it now has 52 million daily users, and the number appears to be growing quickly. The daily usage grew 44 percent year over year for October, a sizable increase on a metric that speaks to just how essential a product it is to its users.
  • The number is small compared to other social media rivals, though. Twitter has 187 million daily users, Snap has 249 million, and Facebook has 1.82 billion. But at their larger sizes, none of those services are seeing daily usage grow as rapidly as Reddit.
  • Daily usage of Reddit is being shared for the first time “as a more accurate reflection of our user growth and to be more in… Show more