Alphabet's venture fund, GV, hires first Black woman investor
  • GV, the Alphabet-backed venture capital firm that has made investments in Slack, Uber, and GitLab, promoted Principal Terri Burns to investing partner, a title that grants her the ability to write the checks.
  • At 26, Burns will be the firm’s youngest ever partner. As a Black woman, Burns is also a rarity in an industry long dominated by white males.
  • The VC world has made some—slow—progress. The number of female decision makers grew from 9% at the end of 2017 to 13% in February, according to data from All Raise. But just one Black woman was named a partner at any VC firm in 2019. Black people made up just 0.67% of all entrants to th… Show more

October 13th

Carl Pei has left OnePlus to start his own tech company
  • OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei has left the company. He co-founded OnePlus with CEO Pete Lau in December 2013, the two having previously worked together at Oppo, and grew OnePlus into one of the most recognized smartphone brands for enthusiasts. More recently, Pei has headed up the OnePlus Nord brand, which focused on more affordable handsets.
  • TechCrunch reported that Pei left OnePlus to start his own venture, though did not specify whether it is mobile- or tech-related. Later this week, OnePlus will take the wraps off its latest high-end handset, the OnePlus 8T, followed by a further two Nord smartphones before the end of the year.
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Haricharan Pudipeddi
Oh oh. Hope it doesn't affect the brand. Huge One Plus loyalist and I hope it doesn't change after this major news.
Varun Krishnan
Can't imagine a @oneplus without @getpeid Carl was the driving force behind the company's expansion into new markets including India. Big blow for the company. Onwards and upwards Carl!
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October 9th

A follow up to Coinbase as a "mission focused" company

Last week Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong said his company would engage “minimally” around politics. Those who didn’t agree, he said, could leave.

Now he revealed in a blog post just how many took him up on the offer: About 60 employees, or 5% of Coinbase’s staff, took up the exit package that offered severance of between four to six months. The figure, he added, could be higher as some negotiations are wrapped up.

Mackenzie Brown

Crypto is a libertarian movement and this stance is perfectly in line with individuals involved in the space. This shrewd and reasonable move by Brian Armstrong is going to pay dividends by attracting the best cryptocurr… Show more

Vincent T Nguyen
Daryl Richter

Wow, an even better move than it seemed intially. I hope this is a trend. It doesn't matter what side you are on, engaging in politics has no place in a financial services company and has been a net negative in every com… Show more

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October 5th

Why most analytics efforts fail

There are a lot of symptoms of bad analytics/data: Lack of shared language; Slow transfer of knowledge; Lack of trust; Inability to act on data quickly.

The real root causes of these symptoms tend to come down to a few things: * You're just tracking vanity metrics; * The person implementing tracking is an engineer and (surprise!) thinking from the perspective of a dev, not business; * Abstraction — it's more art than science; * The spec is disorganized, unstandardized, looks terrible and has no visual cues; * Because of the above, no one trusts data — no matter what team it came from