App Store Receipt Verification Tutorial Part 1: The Basics - Nami ML

Apple's StoreKit framework provides a mechanism for selling in-app purchases or subscriptions through the App Store. An essential artifact, the App Store receipt, is used to verify purchases and understand purchase activity. In this multi-part series, we will go beyond Apple's documentation to demystify the receipt by coding a simple Python receipt validation script then progressively building out a server-side receipt validation app using Python, Flask, and Docker.

Dan Burcaw

A step-by-step tutorial for writing a simple Python CLI that validates App Store receipts using Apple's verifyReceipt endpoint.

Facebook slams Apple's App Store policies, launches Facebook Gaming on iOS without games
  • Facebook is launching its Facebook Gaming app for iOS — primarily an app used to watch streamers play video games — but has had to remove the app’s mini games feature to pass Apple’s strict App Store approval process. Facebook isn’t happy about the compromise.
  • Facebook says it has had the Facebook Gaming app rejected multiple times by Apple in recent months. The company says Apple has cited App Store guideline 4.7 to justify the rejections, claiming the primary purpose of the Facebook Gaming app is to play games.
  • Facebook has now been forced to give up and remove games entirely from the standalone app launching on iOS. The Faceboo… Show more

August 7th

The new 27-inch iMac's webcam isn't just better; it's smarter
  • Most of the improvements on the iMac bring it up to the specs you’d expect in a 2020 computer: 10th Gen Intel processors, SSDs standard, and so on.
  • But there’s one spec bump that is wildly out of character for Apple, even in this pandemic year: the quality of the webcam has finally been improved.
  • The webcam isn’t just better because it has more pixels; it’s also better because Apple is finally applying some modern image processing to the video stream.
  • The iMac has a T2 chip, which is used to control lots of the components in the Mac. Apple is using it to process certain elements of this webcam’s image. It is able to do tone mapp… Show more
Apple confirms cloud gaming services like xCloud and Stadia violate App Store guidelines
  • Strict App Store guidelines make cloud services like xCloud and its competitor, Google Stadia, effectively impossible to operate on the iPhone.
  • Apple has finally come out and said, that these kinds of cloud services are in violation of App Store guidelines and cannot, in their current forms, ever exist on iOS. The primary reason: they offer access to apps Apple can’t individually review.
  • Microsoft says it could not find a solution to bringing xCloud to iOS via the App Store, and it now pins the blame solely on Apple, which it says “stands alone” in denying consumers the benefits of cloud gaming by “consistently treats gaming apps d… Show more
Parker Ortolani
They’re right. Apple doesn’t screen every Netflix show, every product on Amazon, every song in Spotify, every publication in Flipboard, every account on Twitter, every site in Chrome... shall I continue?… Show more
Dan Moren
Apple refusing to approve xCloud because they can’t review all the games on it is of the highest order. Do they review every video on Netflix or every book on Amazon? Just a reminder that much as it tries to insist othe… Show more
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