Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang interview - Antitrust, openness, and the PC-console war

Nvidia had another stellar quarter, reporting revenues of $4.73 billion for its third fiscal quarter ended October 25, up 57% from a year earlier.

An interview with CEO Jensen Huang about the results of the fiscal year, and antitrust environment: if scrutiny on antitrust affected Nvidia, especially as it attempts to acquire Arm for $40 billion. Nvidia also said its GeForce Now will debut on iOS via the web, with Fortnite coming soon, in a way that was constraining because of Apple’s rules about cloud gaming.

The talk also will be going about the PC versus next-generation consoles and how Nvidia’s two big businesses, gaming graphics an… Show more

November 16th

Nvidia launches A100 80GB GPU for supercomputers
  • Nvidia has launched its 80GB version of the A100 graphics processing unit (GPU), targeting the graphics and AI chip at supercomputing applications.
  • The chip is based on the company’s Ampere graphics architecture and is aimed at helping businesses and government labs make key decisions more quickly by enabling better real-time data analysis. Nvidia made the announcement at the outset of the SC20 supercomputing conference this week.
  • The new chip provides researchers and engineers with more speed and performance for their AI and scientific applications. It delivers over 2 terabytes per second of memory bandwidth, which enables a syste… Show more

November 10th

Apple introduces M1 chip to power its new Arm-based Macs
  • Apple has introduced the new M1 chip that will power its new generation of Arm-based Macs. It’s a 5nm processor, just like the A14 Bionic powering its latest iPhones, but it’s the first that Apple has designed specifically for the Mac. The new chip will power Apple’s new MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac mini.
  • The new processor will focus on combining power efficiency with performance. It has an eight-core CPU, which offers the world’s best performance per watt of a CPU. It delivers the same peak performance as a typical laptop CPU at a quarter of the power draw.
  • For an idea of how power efficient the new chip is, Apple says its n… Show more
M.G. Siegler
We’re obviously just going off of what Apple is touting, but if this all holds up, with performance and battery of just the MacBook Air, there’s no way any Windows laptop can compete with this. Microsoft will need to sta… Show more
Keith Seim

Well, there are similarities between M1 and A14 versus their respective competition. Neither will result in the failure of Windows or Android regardless.

Craig Hockenberry
I mean, what’s your marketing strategy going to be here? “We’re just a bit slower than a Mac with the M1 processor.” “Our laptop has worse battery life than Apple but it comes with a bunch of software you don’t need.” … Show more
Oleg Shpak

From a year or two ago about XPS13 Battery life: Dell promises up to 12 hours of use on the 4K version of the XPS 13, derived from a MobileMark 2014 benchmark score, and up to 21 hours on the Full HD version in the same … Show more

November 5th

Ayar Labs raises $35 million to develop light-based chip interconnects
  • Ayar Labs, the company that is leveraging novel silicon processing techniques to develop high-speed, high-density, low-power optical-based interconnect “chiplets” to replace traditional I/O, raised $35 million for product development and commercialization of its in-package optical interconnect solution.
  • The B round was co-led by Downing Ventures and BlueSky Capital, alongside new investors Applied Ventures, Castor Ventures, Downing Ventures, and SGInnovate. Existing investors, including BlueSky Capital, Founders Fund, GlobalFoundries, Intel Capital, Lockheed Martin Ventures, and Playground Global, also participated.
  • Ayar aims to de… Show more