The easiest way to start meditating is now in... Snapchat?

The easiest way to start meditating is now in... Snapchat?
  • Snap announced at its Virtual Partner Summit in June that Snapchat users would soon be able to access free Headspace meditations directly in the chat section of its app.
  • It's an inaugural application of the company's new product, Snap Minis, which are "bite-size" applications that live within chat, designed to be used with friends. Headspace Minis go live Monday.
  • One of the standout parts of the Headspace Mini is that the typically solo activity of meditation is, in this iteration, social. Snapchat says that's by design. The in-chat meditations are one way it's trying to encourage supportive friendships, while also easing the fear of trying a new, vulnerable activity like meditation by making it something friends can do "together."
  • Snapchat users don't have to have the Headspace app or even be Headspace subscribers to access the meditations because the Headspace Mini lives within Snapchat itself.
Abishek Muthian
Startup Coach @hitstartup, Ideator @needgap, Toolchain Builder @startuptoolchain.

Meditation to cure limited attention? Talk about selling poison and then the cure.

Jesseca Casanare
Founder & CEO of - WomenTech Ambassador & Remote Work Advocate

I think this I can give this one a shot. As long as it gives promising results, I'm in.