Apple crosses $2 trillion market cap as world's most valuable company

Apple crosses $2 trillion market cap as world's most valuable company
  • Just two years after becoming the first U.S. company to reach a $1 trillion market capitalization, Apple has officially doubled its value to $2 trillion. This remarkable feat means it’s tied with a non-tech firm for bragging rights to the title of world’s most valuable company — for now.
  • The $2 trillion market cap is based on Apple’s stock breaking a price of $467.77 per share, multiplied by the company’s most recent report of 4,275,634,000 outstanding shares.
  • That said, Apple has aggressively repurchased its own shares in recent years and reduced the number by 58.7 million during the past quarter alone. As a result, though Apple’s own Stocks app showed a $2 trillion valuation, the actual market capitalization may vary slightly from that number.
Aaron Levie
Aaron Levie
The “conventional wisdom” on Apple for the past decade is that they needed to enter completely new markets to grow. As the world’s first $2T company, it turns out continuing to build better and better products and servic… Show more
Richard Ault
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Not to disagree that it's a watershed they have risen so high on excellence in product, but @levie don't you think new markets are an inevitability for Apple? I can imagine a market adjacent to, or an extension to somet… Show more


Touche, though I'd argue that building better products and services is a means of entering new markets-- markets that Apple has created and grown.

@m-w-m ? sorry you lost me but I'm curious!

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