Apple approves Hey email app, but the fight's not over

Apple approves Hey email app, but the fight's not over
  • Apple has approved a new version of the subscription email app Hey, just ahead of today’s Apple Worldwide Developer Conference. It's meant to lower the temperature after Apple’s initial app rejection drew widespread condemnation from lawmakers and other developers.
  • The approval is also only temporary in spirit, meant to give Hey developer Basecamp time to develop a version of the app more in line with Apple’s policies — and Basecamp’s approach to that challenge is very aggressive, as a letter posted to its website today details.
  • Basecamp has submitted a new version of Hey that meets the strict letter of Apple’s rules but clearly defies their spirit: the company will now offer iOS users a free temporary Hey email account with a randomized address, just so the app is functional when it is first opened. These burner accounts will expire after 14 days.
Paul Henry Smith
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Apple is, in fact, providing a hugely valuable service, making Hey and all our apps discoverable on hundreds of millions of iPhones among a very satisfied user base. The David-and-Goliath narrative resonates emotionally,… Show more

Bob Monsour
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@Paul Henry Smith While this may be true for most of the apps on the iPhone, what I think you may be missing is the type of company that the guys at Basecamp have decided they want to be. They've been in business for 20 … Show more

Thom Kozik
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@Paul Henry Smith @Bob Monsour So by that logic Bob, it would only be the smaller developers who should be required to pay the "Apple Tax", and bigger, established developers, or those with other distribution strengths g… Show more


@Paul Henry Smith @Thom Kozik I think you all are missing the point. If the app store is being used as a discovery engine then yes, a fee is fair. Even 30%, in this case, seems high considering maintenance. If I am a dev… Show more

Apple has approved HEY for iOS 1.0.2 without IAP!! We’ve submitted 1.0.3 for final, definitive approval with a new free option and HEY for Work. SO NOW WE WAIT. CAN THIS STAND-OFF END IN A TRUCE?
Howard Stein
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I've just started using HEY and I LOVE it!

Matthew Gaudio
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your the man

100 backs per year? no thanks, I alreay paid protonmail, they are OK.

Jacob Berg
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iOS just needs to better up PWA’s. We just want to write normal web apps that run in the browser and have an icon on the home screen and can receive push notifications. I say if you guys can’t make the change we should d… Show more

Alfredo Mungo
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Oh, look. Another paid email client that wants my money for "reimagining" something with the excuse that "you always pay for emails". Well, no thanks. Protonmail does it for free.